Machine learning for Intrusion Attempt Detections

Varun Kohli

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Varun Kohli

Speaker Name: Varun Kohli
Talk Title: Machine learning for Intrusion Attempt Detections
Date: 22nd January 2021
Time: 4.00 PM IST


Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence are one of the hottest topics in computer science today. Many problems deemed ""impossible"" only five years ago have now been solved by machine learning; such as, playing GO, recognizing what is in an image, or translating languages. Join us as we lift the lid on how this technology can be used in the disruptive world of security and build a real time-scaled intrusion attempt detection system.

Speaker Bio:

Varun is a traveler by heart and a Lead Security Engineer with Google by profession. He started his career as a software engineer with a product development organization and now works on developing machine learning models to detect abuse on Google Cloud. He is an avid machine learning developer, researcher and public speaker. Google Crowdsource, c0c0n, NASSCOM WWRT, and SkyConf Poland are to name a few.

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