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Csaba Fitzl and Wojciech Reguła

Csaba Fitzl and Wojciech Reguła

Talk Title:

Exploiting XPC in AntiVirus Software


In this talk we will publish our research we conducted on 29 different AntiVirus products on macOS through 2020. Our focus was to assess the XPC services these products expose and if they presented any security vulnerabilities. We will talk about the typical issues, and demonstrate plenty of vulnerabilities, which typically led to full control of the given product or local privilege escalation on the system. At the end we will give advice to developers how to write secure XPC services.


Csaba graduated in 2006 as a computer engineer. He worked for 6 years as a network engineer, troubleshooting and designing big networks. After that he worked for 8 years as a blue and red teamer focusing on network forensics, malware analysis, adversary simulation and defense bypasses. Currently he is working as a content developer at Offensive Security. He gave talks / workshops on various international IT security conferences, including Hacktivity, hack.lu, Troopers, SecurityFest, DEFCON and Objective By The Sea.

Csaba spends his free time with his family, practices ashtanga yoga before sunrise or hikes in the mountains.

Wojciech Reguła is a Senior IT Security Specialist working at SecuRing. He specializes in application security on Apple devices. He created the iOS Security Suite - an opensource anti-tampering framework. Bugcrowd MVP, found vulnerabilities in Apple, Facebook, Malwarebytes, Slack, Atlassian, and others. In free time he runs an infosec blog - https://wojciechregula.blog. Shared research on among others Objective by the Sea (Hawaii, USA), AppSec Global (Tel Aviv, Israel), AppSec EU (London, United Kingdom), CONFidence (Cracow, Poland), BSides (Warsaw, Poland).

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