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CryptoParty at nullcon Goa 2018

Author:- Chinmayi SK

The Cryptoparty is a safe welcoming space to help people understand the digital systems that are available for use to protect yourself and those around you.

CryptoParties are usually neither commercially nor politically aligned, and free and open to attend. The cryptoparty at nullcon however needs a prior signup due to limited availability of space.

Who should attend a cryptoparty

Cryptoparty is open to all but it is especially useful for

  • Someone beginning to use cryptographic tools for personal use.
  • Anyone who is thinking of using these tools and would like to explore with the help of other experienced users
  • Anyone who would like to determine their risk
  • Anyone with an interest to run cryptoparties

This is also a good place to be if you are newbie in tech / Infosec and would like to learn an overview the tools and issues.

What should I bring along

Since this is an hands-on session we advise you to bring your devices i.e Laptops and Mobiles that you would like to use for this purpose.

If you already have a gpg key and would like to take part in key signing we advice you to bring along a photo identification card for verification.

Guiding Principles

Here are the guiding principles we are deriving from the cryptoparty rules. Everyone attending the crypto party at Nullcon is expected to follow these

Be excellent to each other

CryptoParties are environments where people feel welcome and safe to learn and teach no matter their background or level of expertise. All questions are relevant, all explanation shall be targeted at the person with the least prior knowledge.

This also means that any form of harassment or other behaviour that makes people uncomfortable has no place at CryptoParties. In our experience situations like these (as seldom as they occur) stem rather from social ineptitude than malice and can thus be resolved by making people aware of their behaviour and its effect on others, but in last consequence it is on the organizers of the CryptoParty to ask people to leave if they don't adhere to this very simple rule. Be excellent to each other. Awareness is key in this regard.

Do things

CryptoParties happen because people make them happen. The most amazing and unforeseen learning experiences happen because people make them happen. If you are uncertain if what you have in mind is on topic or if other people are interested as well: Propose it anyway and see what other people have to say. If you are too shy to propose to the whole room: Ask the person standing next to you first.

Anti-harassment policy

Implicit in be excellent to each other, these are behaviours we deem harrasment and therefore unacceptable at CryptoParties:

  • hurtful or offensive comments
  • deliberate intimidation
  • direct or indirect threats
  • stalking
  • following
  • inappropriate physical contact
  • unwelcome sexual attention.

We are also governed by the conference CoC and will be followed strictly.

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