Omer Tsarfati


Designation :

Senior Security Researcher, CyberArk

Talk Title :

The Invasion Of Bad Drivers

Abstract :

Do you like gaming and gambling?? Why not do both with your computer’s security?!

Just install a driver from your favorite peripheral vendor, and find out if it allows attackers to completely own your machine (chances are it will!).

We'll deep-dive into the 0day we discovered, exploit them, go over mitigations, and explore a very concerning and common drivers' behavior that you can easily avoid.

Bio :

Omer Tsarfati is a Cyber Security Researcher at CyberArk Labs. He focuses on discovering new research techniques and beating complex security challenges while implementing them into the cyber security area, from the attacker's and the defender's point of view. Tsarfati's primary research areas are network defense, cloud security, android applications, web applications, and he is a Windows internals enthusiast. Prior to CyberArk, Tsarfati served in the Israeli Army in an elite unit.

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