Reverse Engineering Conti Ransomware

Nikhil Rathor

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Nikhil Rathor

Speaker Name: Nikhil Rathor
Talk Title: Reverse Engineering Conti Ransomware
Date: 9th April 2021
Time: 4.00 PM IST

Talk Abstract:

In this talk, 0xthreatintel will be uncovering the internals of Conti Ransomware. In which he will be discussing the internals of three versions of Conti Ransom which were seen from mid of 2020 to December of 2020. In the talk, you will be experiencing reverse engineering of Conti Ransom where 0xthreatintel will walk you through the analysis of Conti Ransomware.

Speaker Bio:

0xthreatintel aka Nikhil Rathor is a Security Researcher from India. He runs a blog about reverse engineering, threat intelligence, malware analysis, and network intrusions by APT’s. Blogs: Social Media Handle: https://

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