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Parinay Bansal

Team Leader, Government of India

Training Attended: Advanced Infrastructure Hacking BiteSize Edition
"The course was very informative and was brilliantly delivered. From the well-presented slide deck, the live document that is continuously added to throughout the course, the excellent Hacklab full of complex challenges, through to the in-depth walkthrough documents allowing you to revisit each exercise later and understand every step of the process."

Arkadeep Kundu

Principal Product Security Engineer at Dell

“I attended the Advanced Infrastructure Security Assessment at Nullcon 2020, Goa. With diverse operating systems, servers, and applications with a legacy as well as in-house developed products and security solutions such as firewalls, AV all around, pwning them all is indeed a task. At Nullcon, we performed a wide array of tricks to discover, enumerate and pwn services, systems, domain controllers. The training was 100% hands on, though some theoretical intro of the given exercise would have been helpful for me. Aakash and Omair were extremely friendly and always ready to help. Overall, it was a great training session and extremely interactive and helpful.”

Manish Tiwari

SVP & CISO at Bharti Airtel

“Nullcon has grown tremendously year on year, with new deep technical tracks, hackathons that give a great platform to young dynamic talent, and an exhibition area which also helps them in the hiring process. Thus to me this event is one of the most comprehensive cyber security events in India and I highly recommend that CXOs join such platforms not only for networking but also to get a sense of the prevailing cyber threats and what is being done to address them.”

Suchit Mishra


"Attended Nullcon in the past as a Speaker for the CXO Panel and now back as a Sponsor at the Nullcon Goa 2020. This is the best security event in India to meet the who’s who in infosec and network with the community. Though it’s a big show with 2000+ attendees, the positive vibes at the event makes it easy to interact individually with peers in the industry and learn and share best practices. Nullcon is by far my favorite security conference in Asia after BlackHat."

Debojyoti Bhattacharya

Senior Architect at Robert Bosch

"As a hardware manufacturer, the Hardwear CTF has always been the best choice to sponsor to identify hardware security engineers to hire and work with. The technical training offered at nullcon are from the best of the world class trainers."

S. Chandrasekhar

Renowned Tech Policy Expert

"The day is not far when Pragati Maidan, Delhi will be too small a venue for holding the Nullcon annual event. Have been associated with Nullcon as a speaker and sponsor since 2016, I find the event a great platform sharing and learning infosec knowledge. I use it each year to refresh my own knowledge on the latest and greatest. The CXOs who attend the conferences are quite technical. Excellent opportunity for sponsors to network with new business leads and interact with the Govt. officials”

Arvind Swamy Chikmath

Schneider Electric

"This was one of the wonderful thing I have done, by taking OPSE course as it was paradigm shift in the way of thinking about security world. The course helped me lot in real time execution of the project.The exam was not so easy, the given options for answer were almost same: you will feel all are correct. To select the right answer is mind game...believe me you will feel very happy once you clear the exams."

Atiq Anwar

"Audit+++ was an amazing course and when taught by a good teacher in the environment like NullCon, it turns out to be an amazing learning experience. The course had changed my perspective and approach towards information security audits, it helped me to visualise information security from a non-conventional viewpoint. The course and the way it was taught supported my belief and helped me to prove that better information security audits are beyond standards and compliance. I had also opted for OPSE exam and certification, clearing the exam make me uniquely identifiable in the professional world. In my experience, OSSTMM is used by most of the organisations as a testing standard/methodology but people rarely know about credentials associated with it and being a certified OSSTMM professional. In my experience, it has no match in the industry. Clearing the exam gave me confidence as well to question known information security standards. I am looking for more such trainings in future NullCon."

Josh Armour

Google Security

"I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Nullcon. The content of the conference was high quality, and the attendees were engaging and informative. The conference organizer and staff was very friendly and did their best to make the experience memorable. I'll be attending again in the future."

Andrew Pham


"Visiting great researchers from all over india. Being able to connect with researchers from India was a blessing because we would work with them via email and social media but hanging out in person, talking to them, and dancing the night away with them made our relationship closer, and instead of being colleagues, we are now friends."

Durga Dube

VP & CISO - Reliance Industries Ltd

"It was a fun filled learning experience. 800+ young security researchers together is something very unique at Nullcon. Indeed a very useful conference for all security practitioners."

Katie Moussouris

Chief Policy Officer - HackerOne

"I was impressed by Nullcon in terms of the quality and expertise of the speakers, the relevance of topics, and the venue of course."

K.S. Narayanan

CISO - ING Vysya Bank

"Dominated by ethical hackers; so as a CISO you learn & get to know about emerging threats also. The nullcon was very useful. There was lot of learning, networking & best practices know-how."

Burgess Cooper

CTSO - Vodafone

"Would highly recommend for CISOs to attend and promote Nullcon as one of the premier conferences where good hands-on security talent is available as well as for engaged discussions and trainings on interesting topics like security vulnerability disclosure programs, SCADA security etc."

Sastry Tumuluri

CISO - Govt. of Haryana

"As far as security conferences go, NULLCON was the best of both worlds for me. Got to meet a lot of CISOs, without losing the hands-on tech touch. I believe this mix is important - especially for young techies who need to augment their hands-on tech skills by interacting with senior pros and understand what is expected of them as they grow."

Muslim Koser

Director of Operations iSight Partners

"Nullcon is a event which brings security enthusiasts, hackers, corporates and government officials together on a same platform. I am sure with the success of its second edition, it can be said as it is one of the the very few international level security conferences in India. I wish them success for their future events. Best reason to be there as a sponsor was to look out and identify right information security talent and organizers support in facilitating this was really commendable."

Deepak Rout

Chief Information Security Officer Uninor

"From amongst the vibrant community of young information security enthusiasts and ethical hackers, null is an outstanding example of a happening and emerging forum which in a very short period of a few years has been able to create a niche for itself. With it's flagship event named nullcon which is unparallelled in technical content as well as in addressing frontiers of information security, the young team has been able to demonstrate their domain connect as also their organizing abilities. nullcon attracts participation of quality speakers and delegates from both India and abroad, and in diverse domains of security. null has also rolled off several other initiatives including - null meets, null humla sessions, annual international conference "nullcon", null - security projects, which are noteworthy areas with great promise for the entire community as well as enterprises. While the null team stays focused on its goals of being the security ambassadors, I wish them all success in their future ventures."

Janardhana Swamy

Hon'ble Member of Parliament - India

"Security is not optional; Those who realize this and quickly adapt to the rapid changes in this battlefield will survive. While it is quite challenging, it is need of the hour for the emerging countries like India. I am glad that Nullcon is working towards elevating the importance and knowledge in this important field of science."

Philippe Langlois

P1Sec - Founder

"Nullcon is one of the awesome conference that I've had the pleasure to speak at. Not only the place is beautiful, which helps, but also and more importantly, the people are just excellent. I've seen and met many people which have played a significant role in many projects and actions later developed. I would recommend Nullcon to nyone."

KK Mookhey

NII Consulting - CEO

"Nullcon is definitely one of the most exciting and community focused security conference in the country. It is great place to get connect with some of the leading researchers, speakers and consultants in the field of information security. I look forward to being there for nullcon's future editions."

Ksenia Dmitrieva


"Nullcon is a great opportunity to meet people who are like you, who think like you and who talk in the similar terms. Sometimes you feel like developers/engineers/managers don't understand you and you are tired of explaining how important defense in depth is and what SQL injection is. Come to nullcon to feel a gust of fresh air, fresh ideas and new interesting projects. The con has a good mix of technical and not-so-technical talks attended by a diverse group of people, from prominent people in the area of software and network security to college students."

Max Goncharvo

Trend Micro - Senior Threat Researcher

"The NulCon forum was fully packed with technical seminars, hacking contests and emerging security technologies demonstrating the latest security issues and challenges security professionals face on a daily basis with real Inidan flavor. I had two boxes if business cards which I completely gave during the conference and made really interesting contacts."

Lavakumar Kuppan

IronWasp - Author

"Nullcon Goa has an unique mixture of high-quality research and technical content delivered by speakers from across the world, in an informal environment. Night talks are awesome, we probably should have more of them. The laid back atmosphere makes it very easy for the attendees to personally approach the speakers and have discussions with them. This must be the only security conference in the world that happens, quite literally, on the beach, how could that not be awesome! Looking forward to the next edition!"

Cassio Goldscmidt

Office of the CTO Symantec Corp.

"I felt the conference was very good: the organization was solid, talks were good (some of them excellent), the venue was beautiful and there were plenty of great opportunities for people to network. I'm actively putting a good word about nullcon to the people in our Pune office."

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