Akib Sayyed

Akib Sayyed

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Telecom Security Challenges in 5G


Indian Telecom Sector is gearing up for launching 5G in India. 5G dramatically increases bandwidth capacity and it's proved as technological disruptors of the decade. 5G is going to impact every aspect of life. But as there new technology emerges real-world problems emerge too. I will be presenting about changes in 5G concerning the flaws of legacy technologies. Security improvement in 5G. Challenges operator will face while implementing 5G. Zombie Cellphone Attacks which could help hackers in performing DDOS on different targets. As Virtualization is the backbone of the 5G network core, I will explain what problem telco may face concerning 5G Core virtualization. I will also be explaining security considerations that need to be addressed such as virtualization, Automation, orchestration. In the end, I will explain GSMA Initiative called NESAS (Network Equipment Security Assurance Scheme)


Akib Sayyed is an entrepreneur, an engineer, and a security expert. In 2014, he founded Matrix Shell Technology, a company to overcome telecom related security issues. Since then, the company has given services and developed many solutions. He has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Engineering with a specialization in computers in the year 2012. He has always been a doer who wanted to change the perspective about the security in telecommunication. Recently, his company has become an associate member of the GSMA Association. He has worked with many clients in the Middle East, African, and South-Asia Pacific countries. He is striving every day to update his knowledge of the upcoming cybersecurity attacks. His only mission is to protect and provide feasible solutions to telecommunication companies from cyber threats. His goal is to become one of the leading companies in providing security solutions. He already gave a talk in Nullcon, C0c0n, Blackhat Arsenal on telecom security.

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