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Top takeaways from IoT Security Nullcon chat

In our third session of #Nullconchat, Stephen A. Ridley, founder and CTO of Senrio graced a one-hour long session taking questions on IoT security. Here’s how it went:

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Companies must understand security is no longer restricted to end-points: Symantec

As an organisation grows in business, infrastructure and resources, it also invites a potential risk of being the target of a security attack. Companies

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Top takeaways from hacking for beginners Nullcon chat

Continuing our series of Nullcon chat, Jennifer Sunshine, CEO of IOActive held a live chat and answered questions on how to hone your hacking skills if you are just starting

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Top takeaways from web app security Nullcon chat

So, we had our first live Nullcon chat with web security expert and cofounder of Appseco, Akash Mahajan. In an hour-long Twitter session, Akash took on a host of questions

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Securing the backbone of your Telecom network

Telecom security is still evolving. With voice and video services getting more mainstream, security of a 3G / 4G network is imperative

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Common vulnerabilities in SAP and why it needs to be a bigger concern

SAP enterprise applications are the core of any large scale company. ERP and other business critical applications based on SAP are being used

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How to write a research paper that makes the cut

Reviewers of Nullcon CFP talk to us about the common mistakes researchers make and how to avoid them

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Writing secure software code - the first step towards cybersecurity

Ashok Sharma was speaking to a hall full of developers on a Saturday in Bengaluru. Majority of the crowd that had come to attend Open Source India

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Deception Technology: The art of staying ahead of the bad guys

What are the chances you can detect a targeted attack using deception technology? Pretty high, say experts in the technology.

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