WordPress Security Simplified for Site Owners

By : Sahil B.

Date: 24 Jun 2022

Time: 04:00 p.m. IST

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About Webinar:

With nearly 455 million sites on the internet using WordPress, it consists of 40% of the internet. As an Open-Source content management system, WordPress was primarily created for developing blog-related sites. However, due to its simplicity, it is being used for developing other types of websites such as for business, membership, online courses, non-profits, portfolio, social, e-commerce, and much more.

Whether being a website developer or not, anyone can quickly build a website using WordPress. Nonetheless, when it comes to website security, website administrators rarely emphasize WordPress Security hardening apart from creating a complex password for the WordPress login-in dashboard. The reality is different whether you are a small site owner or big; everyone is a 'Target.' Unfortunately, even having a complex password to login-in to access, thousands of WordPress websites are still hacked every day.

WordPress website hacking happens for numerous reasons; for instance, outdated and vulnerable plugins, themes, outdated core WordPress, etc. It could also happen due to human error, as we humans operate the WordPress dashboard. In this talk, Sahil will simplify WordPress Security for Site Owners by briefing them on how hackers will enter their WordPress websites to hack them? How site owners can harden their WordPress Security? How to choose the best plugin/themes from a security perspective? How to regularly monitor your WordPress site's security? And provide many useful WordPress tips in the talk.

About Speaker:

Sahil B. -

Sahil is a globally renowned Consultant for WordPress Security, Pentesting, and Malware Removal. Currently protecting High-Traffic WordPress sites having millions of visitors traffic globally.

For the last 11+ years, Sahil has secured clients' WordPress sites by offering them cyber security advice, website hack removal, high-security site configurations & more. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of EH1-Infotech Cybersecurity. And have conducted more than 350 Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Awareness seminars & workshops at many prestigious Schools/Colleges, companies, and Govt. organizations. Additionally, Sahil has also trained thousands of people from all around the World since 2010 and has been honored with India's 'BEST EDUCATIONIST AWARD' and a Certificate of Education Excellence in recognition of outstanding achievements and remarkable role in the field of Ethical Hacking & Cyber Security Education from IIEM during a national seminar on "Health, Education and Economic Development" on August 30, 2019, at New Delhi by INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COUNCIL, New Delhi.

With the ideology of "Safe surfing for society," being an author, Sahil has worked prominently on his debut book 'Digital Cop', the World's first Cyber Security book. He has also been awarded as the Ambassador for the HR4HR club event at Software Technology Park of India (STPI), Mohali.