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By investing in us, you are investing in the future of IT security. Cutting-edge technologies, industry trends, and threat mitigation strategies are crucial in this age of increasing digital awareness. Your investment in us allows us to have a wider reach and make people from myriad backgrounds aware of issues pertaining to cybersecurity. Your help will also augment your company image as one that cares about the future for all of us.

As a Nullcon sponsor, you get the opportunity to widen your brand and products to the attendees. You will have maximum visibility with the logo of your company featured on our websites and other promotional materials. You will have access to our attendees from various fields, and you can connect to them at the Nullcon gala dinner. Through our sponsorship packages, you can demonstrate your technology or product at our exhibit zone and get noticed among the primary decision-makers.

Nullcon differentiates itself by working at multiple levels including, corporate, government and security communities all around the world. Nullcon, our flagship annual security event provides conferences and training to leading corporations and Government agencies. This unmatched informational reach enables our participants to be continuously updated with the latest vulnerabilities, threat mitigation strategies, and industry trends. As nullcon would be entering the 13th year of its success story, our objective is to bring all security experts and decision-makers on the same platform, reduce the gap between government, corporations and the academia and increase the awareness of the need for information security to protect the critical asset. Our flagship event will hosts thousands of highly skilled security professionals and business executives for some of the most interesting and specialized training, talks, workshops, and security-related news bytes.

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