Nullcon Sep Online Training 2021

Trainer Name: Enciphers

Title: Real World Web Application Hacking

Duration: 4 Days

Dates: Sept. 23, 2021 To Sept. 26, 2021

Time: 10 a.m. To 2 p.m.

Training objective
Web applications grow in complexity every day and it is extremely difficult to manage them from a security perspective. This training is designed to teach different types of vulnerabilities in web applications and the techniques used to find and exploit them.
This real-time immersive virtual-lead training uses a combination of lectures, real-world experiences, and awesome hands-on exercises to teach you the skill set required for findings and exploiting vulnerabilities in modern web applications/APIs.

Training level: Intermediate/Advanced

Training outline

Module 1:
The trainer will explain how the training lab is structured and how to approach it as a target for penetration tests. The major points covered would be:

  • Using virtual private servers for pen testing
  • Setting up the lab access (SSH & RDP)
  • Enumeration of target application and infrastructure
  • Port and service scanning
  • Finding all the entities

Module 2: Finding Low Severity Vulnerabilities

  • Cross-Site Scripting
  • Stored XSS
  • Blind XSS
  • Stored XSS
  • Cross-site scripting to takeover account
  • Understanding Cross-Site Request Forgery

Module 3:

  • Understanding authentication & authorization
  • Basics of JSON Web Tokens
  • Hacking the authorization
  • Cracking the JWT secret
  • Pentesting JWT
  • Insecure Direct Object Reference
  • Bypassing UUID identifiers for exploiting IDOR
  • SQL Injection:
  • SQL Injection in web apps
  • Exploiting SQL injection in GraphQL
  • XML External Entity Attack
  • File extraction with XXE
  • Out Of Band exploitation of XXE

Module 4:

  • Server-Side Request Forgery
  • SSRF exploitation scenarios
  • Exploiting SSRF for data ex-filtration
  • Server-Side Template Injection:
  • Testing for SSTI vulnerabilities
  • Getting reverse shell with SSTI
  • Remote file inclusion
  • RFI to reverse shell
  • Remote code execution:
  • Hacking Insecure Jenkins
  • Command Injection
  • Command injection to reverse shell
  • Insecure De-serialization
  • Reverse shell with insecure de-serialization

What to bring

  • Laptop with good configuration and admin privilege
  • Burp Suite Community or Pro (
  • Termius ( or any other ssh client
  • VNC viewer

Training prerequisites

  • Basic knowledge of Linux
  • Basic knowledge of web application penetration testing
  • Basic knowledge of burp suite

Who should attend?

  • Penetration testers
  • Security Analysts
  • Red team members
  • Security enthusiasts

What to expect?

  • Experience of how real-world web application vulnerabilities are discovered and exploited
  • Awesome hands-on lab challenges
  • Well designed training content

What attendees will get

  • All training content
  • Access to VPS & training lab, for the training period

About the Trainer

Enciphers is an information security consulting and training company. Enciphers has been giving training on web, mobile & infrastructure security for many years. Together with the advanced penetration testing services, Enciphers is known to have amazing training courses with real-world-like training labs, for each of their training.

Abhinav Mishra is the founder of Enciphers and has immense love for application & infrastructure security. Abhinav has experience of around 10+ years in penetration testing of web/mobile/infrastructure and training. He is an infosec enthusiast, hacker, travel & tech lover.