Elena Feldman, Vsevolod Kalshikov, Vadim Pleshkov & Veronika Matveeva

Talk Title :

Deep Dive: Red Team Test Operations

Abstract :

Workshop from researchers on red team operations. It will be useful for those who want to learn how to OSINT vulnerabilities, exploit, and control systems.

This workshop will cover the following aspects—collecting information about vulnerabilities, exploiting these vulnerabilities through a web attack vector, then studying ways of patching the system for further control.

Bio :

Elena Feldman: Founder of F-Lab forensic Laboratory and CyberSecurity Center
Elena has more than 15 years of experience in IT technologies. She is a forensic expert in the law, cybercrime investigator, and cyber security enthusiast. Founder of cybersecurity companies and forensic laboratory. Associate professor at Chelyabinsk State University in the Department of Cyber Security and Applied Algebra. Elena is also the author of several scientific papers and a speaker at many scientific and cybersec conferences.

Vsevolod Kalshikov: Head of Research Department at CyberSecurity Center
Certified specialist in information security. My main field of research involves searching for exploits in OS, mobile devices, and databases and possible applications of Machine Learning methods for infosec. I also work in the fields of data collection and processing. I also develop systems for automating user actions in web applications.

Vadim Pleshkov: Senior DevOps at CyberSecurity Center
My main field of work is the implementation of DevOps and System programming. I take part in various data collecting and data processing projects. I also work on the development of services for deanonymization on the Internet.

Veronika Matveeva: Head of Pentest Department at CyberSecurity Center
Certified specialist in information security. I work in security testing of computer systems and networks, specifically in penetration testing