Alexander Popov


Designation :

Linux Kernel Developer & Security Researcher, Positive Technologies

Talk Title :

A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS

Abstract :

Fuchsia is a general-purpose open-source operating system created by Google. It is based on the Zircon microkernel written in C++ and is currently under active development. The developers say that Fuchsia is designed with a focus on security, updatability, and performance.

As a Linux kernel hacker, Alexander decided to take a look at Fuchsia OS and assess it from the attacker's point of view. In this talk, he will share his findings.

Bio :

Alexander Popov has been a Linux kernel developer since 2013. He is a security researcher at Positive Technologies, where he has a lot of fun with Linux kernel vulnerabilities, exploitation techniques, and defensive technologies.

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