Tejaswa Rastogi


Designation :

Security Auditor & Researcher, Consensys Diligence

Talk Title :

Not So Famous Attack Vectors In The World Of Smart Contract Security!

Abstract :

The presentation will cover some very cool attack vectors, which often go unnoticed by smart contract auditors while auditing projects and are not that popular to be taken care of at the time of writing code, and may lead to some serious exploits and loss of millions of dollars of funds. It will also expand upon some bad-solidity coding patterns and how to write safe code. Also, we'll be expanding upon exploits over some patterns that are actually introduced to protect against some attacks. In the end, we will go into the defensive mode and see, what are the possible strategies and coding patterns to protect against these attacks.

Bio :

Tejaswa Rastogi is a blockchain security researcher. He professionally works as a Security Auditor at Consensys Diligence. Furthermore, Tejaswa is also a founder / creator of RazzorSec, CipherShastra, Web3Graveyard, and Unchained Conference.

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