Bio :

SSDeV was founded on 9th of February 1997, founding members include people from the Chaos Computer Club.

  • Aims: Promotion of lock sports, detection of security holes in mechanical locking systems. In recent days, electronic systems come more and more into focus.
  • Regional Structure: groups in major cities all over Germany, including Hamburg, Berlin Cologne, Frankfurt/Main, Munich, Stuttgart
  • around 250 registered members
  • Main Events: open German championships in 5 categories, seminars for members, contribution to events like Chaos Communication Congress/Camp

Our offerings/what attendees can expect:

  • lockpicking for beginners and advanced
  • practical introduction into lockpicking as hardware hacking of mechanical locking systems with pin-tumbler and wafer-tumbler locks in small groups
  • for more experienced lockpickers we can provide more challanging locks
  • introduction into different types of locks and methods of opening or bypassing them
  • lockpicking as sport

More information on our website: