Christian Grothoff


Designation :

Professor at the Bern University of Applied Sciences

Talk Title :

GNU Anastasis: Privacy-Preserving Key Backup and Recovery

Abstract :

GNU Anastasis is a Free Software implementation of the Anastasis key backup and recovery protocol. Applications include all kinds of self-custody problems, from cryptocurrency wallets to e-mail and hard-disk decryption keys. Anastasis allows users to make backups of such key material, splitting the secret key across multiple independent backup providers. Backup providers release the key shares only upon successful authentication. Authentication methods can be configured by the user. The user can also freely define a recovery policy which specifies the subsets of key shares which are needed during recovery. The cryptographic design ensures that the providers learn nothing about the user during the backup. The talk will introduce the cryptographic approach, system design, provide a demonstration of the tool, and introduce the APIs for integration of Anastasis with new applications.

Bio :

Christian Grothoff is a professor for computer network security at the Bern University of Applied Sciences, researching future Internet architectures. His research interests include compilers, programming languages, software engineering, networking, security and privacy. Before, he was leading the Décentralisé research team at INRIA and an Emmy Noeter research group leader at TU Munich. He earned his PhD in computer science from UCLA, an M.S. in computer science from Purdue University, and a Diploma in mathematics from the University of Wuppertal. He is an Ashoka Fellow and co founder of Taler Systems SA and Anastasis SARL. He also served as an expert court witness, and has reported on technology and national security as a freelance journalist.