Timur Yunusov


Talk Title :

Offensive Payment Security

Abstract :

We interact with payments every day. Yet how many of us actually know how they work? Join us to learn about payments and techniques for spotting vulnerabilities in them.

This is a "payments 101" training course covering vulnerability research in payments and related issues and attacks.

The main goal of this course is to break the status quo of payment insecurity. We help our audience to gain a better understanding to:

  • Find vulnerabilities in payment systems while staying within the law
  • Obtain necessary skills and equipment - Learn from the best in the industry—and leave with your wallet a little lighter.

Bio :

Timur Yunusov, Head of the research unit. 12 years of experience in practical security assessment and security research. Specialising in the security assessment of financial systems: online, core and mobile banking, ATM, POS, card processing. Expert in banking application security and member of the Positive Research and SCADAStrangeLove teams. One of the DEF CON Payment Village organizers.

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