Yuval Sarel & Gal Levy

Talk Title :

Finding and Exploiting Critical Bugs in TLS Libraries used by “Smart” UPS Devices

Abstract :

UPS devices are becoming “Smart”, connected devices that can be controlled by the Cloud. This offers advanced features, but also exposes an attack surface through which attackers may be able to remotely take over the power lifeline of an organization. This talk will detail a number of zero-click preauthentication vulnerabilities we’ve discovered in a prominent UPS vendor. In addition we will explore the physical threats involved with controlling a sensitive battery-powered device, and demo an attack that can literally “blow up”.

Bio :

Yuval Sarel is a security research team lead at Armis, responsible for hunting zero days, reverse engineering and developing innovative solutions. Formerly an R&D team lead in the IDF, Yuval's main focus today is finding new topics to research to raise awareness about cyber security in a fun and interesting way.

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Gal Levy is a senior security researcher at Armis, responsible for hunting zero days as well as developing innovative solutions. His past feats include serving in the IDF for six years, as a senior researcher, and graduating with a bachelor degree in Physics and Electrical Engineering. Nowadays, one of Gals' goals is to find ways to combine his interest in cyber and physics, to ultimately reveal some less common vulnerable spots within embedded devices.

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