Nullcon Goa Sep 2022


Download Collection

Keynote | Do we get stuff done? We don’t get stuff done? Or do we? Or will we, maybe? Soon? by Dr.-Ing. Mario Heiderich

0-Day Up Your Sleeve - Attacking macOS Environments by Wojciech Reguła

A Kernel Hacker Meets Fuchsia OS by Alexander Popov

A New Secret Stash For Fileless Malware by Denis Legezo

A UEFI firmware bootkit in the wild by Ivan Kwiatkowski

Automate Your Whatsapp Chats by Aditi Bhatnagar

c0ntextomy - Let's Debug Together by Nikias Bassen

CXO Panel | Cloud Services for Financial Inclusion: Possibilities & Challenges by Nandkumar Saravade IPS (Retd), Ganesh AR, Navin Kumar Singh & Himanshu Kumar Das

CXO Panel | Consumer Tech Bug Bounty Panel: Hear from the Program Managers by Sandeep Singh, Rishika Hooda & Omar Benbouazza

CXO Panel | Does your SOC sucks? by Krishna Pandey, Shweta Kshirsagar, Vivek Gopalan & Yogi Kapur

CXO Panel | Impact of disruptive technologies on CISO's career & progression by Burgess Cooper, Sandeep Karan, Jacxine Fernandez, Kumar Ravi & Venkatesh Sundar

CXO Panel | IoT Supply Chain Blues and the way forward by Aseem Jakhar, Sachin Jain, Kedar Sovani, Anantharaman Iyer, Suvabrata Sinha & Sudarshan Rajagopal

CXO Panel | PAM Maturity : From Zero Trust to Least Privilege by Ajay Bongirwar, Charanjit Bhatia & Bala Ramanan

CXO Panel | Secure Service Edge (SSE): Challenges and Upsides of Adoption by Rahul Neel Mani, Rajesh Hemrajani, Anuprita Daga & Shiju Rawther

CXO Panel | Securing India the CERT-In Way by Saikat Datta, Dr. Sanjay Bahl, Ajit Menon & Anuprita Daga

CXO Panel | Securing the Software by Matthew Bohne, Mrudul Uchil, Abhishek Datta & Harish Goel

CXO Panel | Unlocking Security Collaboration with Cyber Threat Intelligence by Avkash Kathiriya, Amol Naik, Varun Singla & Mathan Babu Kasilingam

Do PDF Tools Conform To The Specification? by Dr. Prashant Anantharaman

ElectroVolt: Pwning Popular Desktop Apps While Uncovering New Attack Surface On Electron by Mohan Sri Rama Krishna Pedhapati & Maxwell Garrett

Elevating The TrustZone To Achieve A Powerful Android Kernel Exploit by Tamir Zahavi-Brunner

Hack The Bridge by Anto Joseph

Hack the Source: Securing Open Source Software – One bug at a time by Sandeep Singh & Laurie Mercer

Hacking Android Foreground Services Escalation Of Privileges by Rony Das

Hacking Fintech Crime: Realities and Possibilities in India by Anand Venkatanaryanan & Mr Chander Mohan

Hacking 5G Is No Rocket Science by Altaf Shaik & Matteo Strada

Handling A Bug Bounty program From A Blue Team Perspective by Ashwath K & Ankit Anurag

Honey, I Just Put The Hospital On A Ventilator! - DICOM And Its Pitfalls by Shyam Sundar Ramaswami & Rakesh Mahanthi

Into The Dark - Switching Off Renewable Power From Everywhere by Stephan Gerling

Jailbreaking iOS in the post-apocalyptic era by CoolStar & Tihmstar

Mind The Gap - The Linux Ecosystem Kernel Patch Gap by Jakob Lell & Regina Bíró

Pushing Security Left By Mutating Byte Code by Gaurav Gogia

Raining CVEs On WordPress Plugins With Semgrep by Shreya Pohekar & Syed Sheeraz Ali

Scale hacking to secure your cloud and beyond by Anand Prakash

Service Workers VS Corporate Firewalls by Aleksandr Kolchanov

Software-Defined Snort With Barnyard & Pulled Pork For NIDPS by Arun Samuel Baskaran

The Different Faces Of macOS Malware: Detecting Anomalies In A Poisoned Apple by Amit Malik & Pratik Jeware

Unearthing Malicious And Other “Risky” Open-Source Packages Using Packj by Ashish Bijlani & Devdutt Patnaik

Vajra - Your Weapon To Cloud by Raunak Parmar

vPrioritizer: Art of Risk Prioritization by Pramod Rana

Web3.0 - Smart Contracts Could Be Leaky by Riddhi Shree

ZaaS: [OWASP] ZAP As A Service - Continous Security For 20K+ APIs by Varun Kakumani & Rohit Sehgal

Workshop | Building Security Applications On Smart Cards by Dr. Rajesh Kumar Pal

Workshop | Deep Dive: Red Team Test Operations by Elena Feldman, Vsevolod Kalshikov, Vadim Pleshkov & Veronika Matveeva

Workshop | One SMALI Step For Man, One Giant Step For Researchers by Gabriel Cirlig

Workshop | Peeling Back The Onion: Taking Security Onion Into Battle by Dr. James Stanger

Workshop | Ticketing 101: Making Sure Your Documentation Is As Good As Your Findings by Paula Pustulka