Goa 2019


Download Collection

Fuzzing embedded (trusted) operating systems using AFL

PEW PEW PEW Designing Secure Boot Securely

EDR Internals and Bypasses

Unlocking secrets of the Proxmark3 RDV4.0 by Christian Herrmann and Kevin Barker

Everything Is Quantum by Jaya Baloo

Automatic Automotive Hacking by Craig Smith

CXO Panel | Breached? – Here is how I responded!

CXO Panel | Clash of the Titans; who will survive?

The Windows Sandbox Paradox by James Forshaw

LTE And IMSI Catchers: Then And Now by Altaf Shaik

Pentesting without Pentester - Automating Security Testing with Functional Testing Test Cases by Lavakumar Kuppan

Cybersecurity & Privacy From The Global Lens by Eva Galperin

A Monitoring Platform for Kubernetes Cluster Security by Vincent Ruijter & Valentine Mairet

How To Use Bug Bounty To Start A Career In Silicon Valley by Adam Ruddermann

Best Of Google VRP 2018 by Daniel Stelter-Gliese

Keynote Panel | Hacking Elections For Fun & Profit by Pukhraj, Anand, Eva & Hari

Closing Note | Everybody's Changing, And I Don't Feel The Same by Dhillon Kannabhiran

Unlocking iPhones On The Cheap by Joseph Cox

Another Place, Another Time: GPS Threats And Countermeasures by Stephan Gerling

Introducing the ASVS 4.0 by Andrew Van Der Stock

Introduction to STIX/TAXII 2 Standards By Allan Thomson

PEW PEW PEW: Designing Secure Boot Securely by Niek Timmers & Albert Spruyt

The State Of Malware From The Eye Of The Tiger by Martijn Grooten

Keynote | Shack On The Beach by Adam Laurie

Secrets of Google VRP by Krzysztof-Kotowsds

Getting to $10,000 – the variables at play in determining bounty awards by Jarek Stanley

Interview with Robert Baptiste aka Elliot Alderson