GOA 2018


Download Collection

Smells like Teen Spirit - Internet of Teens by Eric Sesterhenn

Serialization Vulnerabilities by Rohit Salecha

Software Supply Chain Cyberattack by Samiran Ghatak

Information Security Of Government Data: Practices and Challenges by Srinivas Kodali

I Boot when U-Boot by Vincent Ruijter & Bernardo Maia Rodrigues

The Bug Hunter's Methodology Workshop by Jason Haddix

Security through obscurity and fear by Abhinav Srivastava

Abusing and Attacking Content Sharing Solutions by Pratap Chandra Allena

Breaking Into Container Orchestrators by Nadeem Hussain Shaikh

BootStomp: On the Security of Bootloaders in Mobile Devices by Nilo Redini

KRACKing WPA2 Using Key Reinstallation Attacks by Mathy Vanhoef

Expanding exploitation beyond X86 and Arm, into the realm of Xtensa: A comparative short study by Carel Van Rooyen & Philipp Promeuschel

White-Stingray: Bypassing stingray detectors by Altaf Shaik

The Tor Project by Amogh Pradeep

Unleashing D* on Android Kernel Drivers by Aravind Machiry

A Game between Adversary and AI Scientist by Satnam Singh

Looting your bank savings using Digital India by Indrajeet Bhuyan

OONI: measuring Internet filters and their unexpected impact by Leonid Evdokimov

Keynote by Dr. Sanjay Bahl

CXO Panel - Managing Cyber Risk in the Connected Environment

CXO Panel - Forensic Challenges and Road Ahead

CXO Panel - IoT : How long till D Day?

CXO Panel - Next generation cyber SOC

CXO panel - Lateral thinking - Staying ahead of the curve

CXO panel - Should all CISO promote Hall of Fame within their organizations?

Xtreme Web Hacking