Goa 2016


Download Collection

Keynote by Jaya Baloo

Privacy leaks on 4G-LTE networks by Altaf Shaik

Let's Play Doctor: Practical OS X Malware Detection & Analysis by Patrick Wardle

Abusing Software Defined Networks (Part Two): Using the SDN-Toolkit to Test Your Software Defined Network by Gregory Pickett

Attacking and defending healthcare - EMR solutions by Anirudh Duggal

Automated Mobile Application Security Assessment with MobSF by Ajin Abraham

Automatic Automotive Hacking by Craig Smith

CISO A Global Talent Perspective by Maneesh Dube

Great Ideas in Reversing the Tytera MD380 by Travis Goodspeed

Hardsploit project : All-In-One Tool for Hardware Security Audit by Julien Moinard

Making Machines think about security for fun and profit by Rahul Sasi

Real-time Ingestion of security telemetry data into Hadoop distributed system to respond to 0-day attacks by Vipul & Pallav

Sandbox detection: Abuse, test, leak by Zoltan Balazs

Secrets of Google VRP by Krzysztof-Kotow

What Google knows about you and your devices, and how to get it by Vladimir Katalov