Goa 2014


Download Collection

Pentesting without Pentesters - Automating Security Testing with Functional Testing Test Cases - by Lavakumar Kuppan & Ankita Gupta

Chrome - OS Security 2014 - New and future hotness - by Sumit Gwalani

Attaching WPA_WPA2 in the Cloud - by Vivek Ramachandran

Humanity - scale Infosec by Smari Mccarthy

The Security Challenge - by Shanatnu Ghosh

The Security Challenge - by Shanatnu Ghosh

Modern smartphone forensics Apple iCloud, encrypted Blackberry - by Vladimir Katalov

The year in which we cannot ignore SCADA by Amol

Flowinspect - A Network Inspection Tool - by Ankur Tyagi

Hardware Attack Vectors - by Yashin Mehaboobe

Fuzzing the easy way using Zulu - by Andy Davis

In air they wander we exist to blow there cover - by Amrita & Rushikesh

Multi-value W-Fi What the Heck is it - by Abhijeet Ghosh

Phoney PDF A Virtual PDF Analysis Framework - by Kiran Bandla

ShoulderSurfing 2.0 - by Federico Pacheco

Wi-Hawk Password Auditing Tool - by Anamika Singh

Pentesting Proprietary RF Communications by Justin Searle

Nullcon Hardware Badge 101 (Desi Jugaad) by Amey & Umesh

A security analysis of Browser Extensions by Abhay Rana

Attack of the setuid bit - pt_chown and pwning root terminals by Siddhesh Poyarekar

Lets screw with NMAP

o'Dea Assertions - Untwining the Security of the SAML Protocol