Goa 2012


Download Collection

Cyberspace: Global commons or a national asset - Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj

WarTexting: Weaponizing Machine 2 Machine - Don A. Bailey

IVR Security: Internal Network attacks via phone lines - Rahul Sasi

Haxdroid: Empowering Android Handset - Anant, Paradhasaradhi, Prashant

An effective incident response triage framework in the age of APT - Albert Hui

Teensy for Fun and Jugaad - Amey Gat

Application security cost management - Ketan Vyas

Node.js: The good, bad and ugly - Bishan Singh

Best practices to improve the security grading of your project - Hemant Khandelwal

Your phone is your phone but your calls are now my calls - Akib, Bipul, Dipesh, Nitin

Attacking and defending the smart grid - Justin Searle

Attacking Backup Software - Nibin Varghese

Binary God - Atul Alex

Ra.2 Blackbox DOM-based XSS scanner - Nishant, Sarathi

SCADA Security: Why is it so hard - Amol Sarwate

CAPTCHAs for fun and Profit - Gursev Kalra

Content sniffing Algorithm bypassing techniques and possible attack vectors - Anil, Chaitany

Javascript static analysis with IronWASP - Lavakumar Kuppan

Sandboxing: The deep truth - Disha, Manish

Shall we dust *Beep*? The Geo-strategic realities of Cyberwar - Pukhraj

Friction in the machine - Dinesh Shenoy

Capacity Building for Least Developed and Developing Nations - Philip Victor

Open source revolution :Need Hardware - Software marriage - Dr. Venkatesh

Sharing the love: Forensics in shared hosting environments - Marc Bown