Delhi 2012


Download Collection

Opening the kimono: Automatinf behavioral analysis for mobile apps - Michael Sutton & Pradeep Kulkarni

Microsoft EMET Exploit Mitigation - Neil Sikka

Securing Software Ventures - Aiden Riley Eller

Another Security Lab - Joerg Simon

How Secure is Internet Banking in India? - Ajit Hatti

How to develop an insecure product? Get shocked by our evaluation examples - Zoltan Hornak

Highly harmful audio waves a.k.a DTMF fuzzing - Rahul Sasi

Reverse Engineering of fraudster brain - Neyolov Evgeny

Forensic Timeline Analysis - Aashish Kunte

The battle of the minds - Raghu Raman,

Cybercrime: The state of Industry, what, why and who - Tejan Timblo

Dirty use of USSD Codes - Ravi Borgaonkar

Attacking Angry Birds - Aditya Gupta & Subho Halder

Penetrating SAP with IronSAP - Prasanna K.

Poking Servers with Facebook (and other Web Applications) - Riyaz Walikar

Next-gen Forensics - KK Mookhey