Nullcon Berlin 2023


Download Collection

Keynote | Server Side Prototype Pollution: Blackbox detection without the DoS by Gareth Heyes

Keynote | Why I write my own security tooling and why you should too! by James Forshaw

CXO Panel | Critical Infrastructure – It’s not all about power by Andreas Bogk, Jan Tilo Kirchhoff, Johannes Rundfeldt & Martin Apel

CXO Panel | Elements of a Successful Security Strategy: A Comprehensive Approach by Sheetal Joseph, Sybe Izaak Rispens & Travis Carelock

CXO Panel | How to make security easier for your developers? by Frida Kiriakos, Marie Theresa Brosig, Santosh Yadav & Xavier René-Corail

CXO Panel | Securing the road to Autonomy by Adam Laurie, Benjamin Meisels & Markus Braendle

Chop Suey: An Exceptional Dish with a Side of Buffer Overflows by Fabian Freyer & Marius Muench

Colorful Vulnerabilities - How Changing The Colors Of Your Keyboard Might Lead To Privilege Escalation by Tal Lossos & Eran Shimony

Dirty Stream Attack - Turning Android Share Targets To Attack Vectors by Dimitrios Valsamaras

(In)Secure Remote Operations: What Sucks, Rocks, And A Super-CLI by Yossi Sassi

Not So Famous Attack Vectors In The World Of Smart Contract Security! by Tejaswa Rastogi

SCCI: The Road To Side-Channel Regression Testing In Continuous Integration Development by Witold Waligóra

Security journey in French Network Access Controller by Baptiste David

The Achilles Heel Of The macOS Gatekeeper by Jonathan Bar Or

The Invasion Of Bad Drivers by Omer Tsarfati

The Silent Spy Among Us - Modern Attacks Against Smart Intercoms by Vera Mens

Workshop | Firmware Security Village by Jörg Stucke & Johannes vom Dorp

Workshop | Identify vulnerabilities using CodeQL by Simon Gerst & Peter Stöckli

Workshop | Modern reverse engineering with Ghidra by Thomas Roth