The Great (Sandbox) Escape

Vikas Singh

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Vikas Singh

Speaker Name: Vikas Singh
Title: The Great (Sandbox) Escape
Date: 10th August 2020
Time: 4:00 pm IST

About Webinar:

Attackers have come a long way since the first Ransomware discovered back in 1989. Who would've thought it would turn into a multi-million-dollar crime operation? Researchers are no strangers to the bad guys' arsenal which often contains both developed in-house and open-source, some of which are compiled specifically to the organizations they attack. But it does not take complexity or advanced code for the bad guys to be successful but intuitive thought process does, hence the purpose of this talk. During this short presentation, we'll be discussing one such novel technique used by a group that involved the mass deployment of a virtual machine to carry out a full-fledged Ransomware attack.

About Speaker:

Vikas Singh is currently working as a Senior Malware Escalations specialist at Sophos. He has more than 8 years in the information security domain. His prime focus has been investigating and identifying unique and advanced adversarial tools, tactics, and procedures while dissecting critical malware incidents in close conjunction with SophosLabs. During his countless investigations, the few which have stood out in uniqueness have been published on NakedSecurity, SophosLabs UNCUT Blogs, and Whitepapers.

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