Medical Malware on Android

Axelle Apvrille

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Axelle Apvrille

Speaker Name: Axelle Apvrille
Title: Medical Malware on Android
Date: 21st August 2020
Time: 4:00 pm IST

About Webinar:

This talk focuses on medical malware on Android, or more precisely malicious applications that fake or abuse medical situations.
You will follow live reverse engineering of a COVID-19 malicious app.
We will also discuss other medical malware on Android, with some advice if you need to use your smartphone for medical reasons.
Take care, be safe, and join the webinar!

About Speaker:

Axelle Apvrille is Principal Security Researcher at Fortinet. She specializes in malware for smart devices, where this can be smartphones or other connected devices. Sometimes malware is smarter than devices 😜 She usually goes under the handle "cryptax" or "crypto girl" as in an earlier life she implemented lots of crypto algorithms.
Axelle is also the lead organizer for Ph0wn (, an annual Capture The Flag edition dedicated to smart devices. She likes to hack, create, and learn with no fuss.

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