Fyodor Yarochkin (TSTF, o0o.nu) is a Security Analyst. He is happy programmer and AI hobbyst in his free time. Major contributor to Open Source security tools (snort, xprobe, etc). Frequent speaker at international security conferences, including BlackHat 2001 HK, BlackHat 2001 Singapore, BlackHat 2002, Ruxcon 2003, XCon 2003 /2006, HITB 2004 and 2005, Syscan 2005, Bellua 2005, HITCon 2006 / 2007, and VNSecurity 2007, SySCAN TW 2008, OWASP Asia 2008, Deepsec 2008, Coscup 2008. Published many well‐cited papers on top security conferences and magazines, including Usenix and Phrack Magazine.

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