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Title: Winja CTF Blog
Date: 6 Mar 2021
Description/Behind the doors of Winja CTF March 2021 during Nullcon Conference March 2021

With 883 registrations and 31 challenges lined up, the Winja CTF, a Nullcon initiative, saw a record participation on the 6 Mar 2021. Apart from India we had a large number of registrations from countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Ecuador and Turkey.

The CTF Challenge based on The Smart City, had 14 Contributors, the CTF started at the midnight of the 6 March 2021 and ran for 13 hours straight, it was something to watch for.

Behind the scenes, the talented Winja team members like Riddhi, Shreya, Sartaj, Chirag, Ashwin, and many more, worked vigorously for 8 days to ensure that the CTF was conducted smoothly.

Have you read Murphy’s Law ‘Anything that can go wrong will go wrong’. ? Well, during the Winja CTF the contributors had to scale up the servers at the last minute to accommodate the number of players. Sartaj dialled up Azure to get them to extend the server space while Riddhi tried to ensure that the whole event goes smooth.

After solving 13 hours of intense challenge, the top 3 winners were, THEC4R3T4K3R, foxy and 0xph4r40h all sitting with a score of 3630 and the Top Woman Scorer was Shreyal Jain with a score of 950 points

The list of our top 20 scorers was shared with the Salesforce team for job consideration.

We would love to thank our sustaining sponsor Salesforce for encouraging us through the years.


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