Mentors For Resume & Career Clinic:

  • Burgess S Cooper - EY
  • Deepam Kanjani - Snowflake
  • Hetal Mangela - Snowflake
  • Mario Heiderich - Cure53
  • Neelu Tripathy - Thought Works
  • Pavan Mohan - ServiceNow
  • Rahul Das - Microsoft
  • Riyaz Walikar - Koudle
  • Vinod Vasudevan - Carrier
  • Yogi Kapur - Salesforce

The first step towards a new job or change in career in any industry is to have a proper resume and Infosec is no different. It is always a great thing to have a solid resume of your skills and experience to make an impression on the hiring team.

At Nullcon, we have a focused track with guidance to provide the necessary tools and knowledge required for infosec job search, career development, and advancement. Resume reviews and career guidance sessions provided by industry recruiters and leaders.

Our community reviewers who have a huge amount of combined experience in interviewing, and vetting candidates are ready to put their experiences to work to help you by providing feedback and guidance.

Sign up for resume review and career guidance (Walk-ins will be allowed on first come first serve basis based upon availability) Please bring a paper copy of your current resume or your own laptop with a digital copy (no USB).

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InfoSec Job Openings from NULLCON Sponsors & Exhibitors

We are here to provide a compilation of a number of job opportunities, well-curated to suit your profile by the top InfoSec firms that are also supporting Nullcon Goa 2022. If you are looking for a new position or career change, definitely have a look at the list.