Gateway to Nullcon Goa March 2022 International Security Conference is now Open!

by Sparsh Johari

In March 2022, we are bringing back the physical edition of Nullcon Goa!

Do you know why 2022 will be super crucial for us all? As 2020 was the beginning of the worst nightmare for both humanity & rising cyberattacks on critical infrastructures, cloud services, to the rise of sophisticated malware, attacks on IoT devices,chip shortage which even led to supply chain attacks & lots more. Now is the time to discuss neXt big thing in Security!

For 2022 we have streamlined the submissions into different categories

The door is open for hackers, researchers to submit latest research related to offensive/defensive security. The topics we look for (not limited to)
1. Iot 2. Web 3. SDN 4. Radio 5. Cloud 6. Mobile 7. Telecom 8. Satellites 9. Networks 10. Forensics 11. Hardware 12. Embedded 13. ICS/SCADA 14.Smart Cities

To increase chances, submit your paper early, as delaying it will increase the competition of paper submissions. Our review board will set a score for the paper you submit & accordingly all the researchers will be communicated via email.

Inspiration from Previous Talks:

Nullcon Goa March 2020 was our last physical edition, just before the pandemic & despite the early unknown challenges our technical & keynote speakers around the World along with 2500+ audience made it to the Conference. In 2021 we switched safe mode & moved to virtual edition for the Conference
For more inspiration from past epic researchers -

  1. Exploiting XPC in AntiVirus Software by Csaba Fitzl & Wojciech Reguła
  2. Telecom Security Challenges in 5G by Akib Sayyed
  3. We have had XNU heap exploitation: From kernel bug to kernel control by Tihmstar
  4. Rage against the IDOR’s: Using Machine Learning models to detect and stop authorization bypass vulnerabilities by Juan Berner,
  5. Dissecting Rotten Apples – macOS Malware Analysis by Felix Seele
  6. PwdLess: Exploitation Tales from RouterLand by Cristofaro Mune

Check out the complete library from our past editions & the most recent ones -

If you believe in your research & dare to inspire & protect the World with your security research then the Nullcon platform is yours to explore!

Go get cracking

About Nullcon:
Nullcon has been running since 2010 & came into existence with a simple idea to create a platform where security researchers exchange information about zero-day vulnerabilities, latest attack vectors & other cyber threats. An extensive platform where Industry evangelists also showcase offensive & defensive technologies.


Sparsh Johari

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