Witold Waligóra


Designation :

Founder, CloudVA

Talk Title :

SCCI: The Road To Side-Channel Regression Testing In Continuous Integration Development

Abstract :

Side-channel attacks are easily mistaken for being highly implementation-specific and thus unsuitable as tests. I'll show that, given some thought and engineering, side-channel regression testing is not only viable but also integrates quite well with a standard continuous integration development process.

I'll present a case study with live side-channel regression testing using GitHub actions CI. Countermeasures and regression tests will be implemented for sample attacks, preventing the vulnerabilities from being re-introduced into the code.

Bio :

Entrepreneur since graduating in Computer Science in 2010 with a specialization in cryptography and reverse engineering.

Founder and CEO of MyreLabs software house since 2010. Providing software services with deep knowledge about underlying hardware: reverse-engineering, low-level optimization, compiler-engineering, IoT/embedded/baremetal software.

Founder of CloudVA since 2021 - a self-funded startup for IoT/embedded security. Providing remote access to side-channel software and hardware.

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