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    Goa 2013


    Download Collection

    Sensitive Campus Security with Network - by Aravind Sitaraman

    BYOD: How will it shape your wireless network security in future? - by Kiran Deshpande

    SamuraiSTFU - SmartGrid Testing Framework for Utilities - by Justin Searle

    Mobile Code mining for discovery and exploits - by Hemil Shah

    Security Evaluation or Escaping from Vulnerability Prison - by Yury Chemerkin

    Bug Bounty Programs - Crowd Sourcing Vulnerability Research - by Raymond Forbes

    Inception of graphical passwords - by Rishi Narang

    SMS to Meterpreter: Fuzzing USB modems - by Rahul Sasi

    CSRF Finder as a Mozilla Addon - by Piyush Pattanayak

    Detecting and Exploiting XSS Vulnerabilities and Xenotix XSS Exploitation Framework - by Ajin Abraham

    HTML5: attack & defense - by Ksenia Dmitrieva

    Rest - A Real Stealth and Semi Stealth MITM Attack Tool for IPv4 Networks - by Naga Rohit

    Harware Backdooring is Practical - by Jonathan Brossard

    Capturing Zero-Day Information - by Dinesh / Sumit

    Automating JavaScript Static Analysis - by Lavakumar Kuppan

    Radio Schizoid - FOSS meets trance

    Pawing the Droid: Twisting the ARM - by Divyanshu / Anshul

    Underfround Market 101 - Pricing Stats and Schemas - by Max Goncharov