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You wouldn't want to take a knife to a gun fight, would you?

Whether you are an attacker or a defender, having the right tools and knowing how to use them can make the difference between success and failure. You can read about the major established tools in books but there are tons of exciting new tools being released every year that you never find out about. One of these tools might just be what you are looking for to solve your current problem.

For the first time, nullcon brings to you an event that is focused entirely on security tools. From the plethora of tools released, we handpick the best and give you an opportunity to find out about the tool's capabilities directly from the author of the tool. Get your questions answered, give your features wishlist and if you really like the tool then buy the author a beer :)


  • The tools must be open source, exceptions can be made in rare cases
  • They must be publicly available for download and use before the start of the event
  • Only the author of the tool can present it, exceptions can be made in rare cases if some one is a major code committer and if the project is very mature